Jewdar, I’ve got mine, have you?


Good morning boobalahs, how are we all today?

Before I start, read all the way to the end to discover who won the fantastic new Jewish charity cookbook called ‘Recipes to Treasure’ beautifully produced by the Hartsbourne Country Club Ladies Charity Committee on behalf of the Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service. Remember, if you don’t win, you can still buy it for the bargain price of £15 here and contribute to a charity that does a great deal of good in our community.

On Tuesday afternoon my friend Karen and I went to Bicester Village in Oxford for a bit of retail therapy (I bought a beautiful pair of shoes from Bally and a shirt from Armani – I know, get me!) and after the shopping, we went for some well-earned nosh.

We found a quaint little tea shop in the middle of Oxford. Karen sat down and I went to the counter and ordered two pots of teas and two scones with cream and jam! We were indulging for a change – sue me! Anyway, the girl serving me looked at me for half a second too long and said ‘odd question, but are you Jewish?’ Given what’s going on in the world I went all defensive and said ‘why do you ask?

She said ‘you look like you are and I wanted to check if my Jewdar was working!’ Well, that I didn’t expect! I thought I was the only meshugganah that knew about Jewdar?!

If you didn’t know already, Jewdar is our inbuilt ability to spot other Jews without being given any obvious pointers – like for example seeing a slightly overweight 50-something man filling his plate with smoked salmon on a Mediterranean cruise is a clear giveaway and doesn’t count!

That got me thinking! Where is the strangest place you’ve met other Jews?

There are the obvious places where you’re guaranteed to be surrounded. Go to Marbella any time between June and September and there will be more familiar faces than lokshen in Friday night’s chicken soup! Go on a Med or Caribbean cruise and there’s a fair chance you’ll spend half your holiday playing the ‘who do you know’ game before finding out your cousin married their cousin and technically you’re related!

Another funny thing I encountered when I met the girl in the tea shop in Oxford was how I reacted to knowing she wasn’t from North West London! I mean, I know there are Jewish communities all over the country so why did I feel like she was somehow ‘foreign?’ Can we only talk about people we know and places we know? It’s funny isn’t it?

While I was doing my research about Jewdar, I found an article called ’10Things Only British Jews Know To Be True’ and guess what? They are SOOOO true! Which one is your favourite?

  1. You secretly judge people who buy their bagels from Sainsbury’s
  2. If you were in a Facebook relationship with bacon, it would be ‘complicated’
  3. There are few things you love more than your mother’s chicken soup
  4. You feel very defensive about what you do on Christmas Day
  5. You didn’t take sick days from school because you saved them up for cheder
  6. You have an uncle who knew every Jewish celebrity from 1960-1980
  7. You get nervous every time Israel is mentioned on TV
  8. Every Jewish couple married in the last 10 years met through friends or on JDate
  9. You are completely baffled by at least one denomination of British Judaism
  10. The first page you turn to when the JC turns up is the Births and Marriages page!

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The winner of the fab Jewish charity cookbook Recipes to Treasure is….*drum roll please*…

Sarah Macmull!

Well done Sarah and I’ll be in contact sooner than you can ‘salmon and shmeer!’

Shabbat shalom all xx

2 Responses to Jewdar, I’ve got mine, have you?

  1. Susan karmel says:

    My favourite is no. 11

    You can only be seen eating our forbidden foods in Chinese Restaurants!

    Shabbat shalom

  2. Selina says:

    I think only about 2 of those apply to me

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